Bali 2015

Location: Bali, Indonesia During the one year that I MIA from this blog, a couple of thing...

Location: Bali, Indonesia

During the one year that I MIA from this blog, a couple of things changed in my life. One, we moved from the north side of Sydney to south-west side. Definitely missing the north side cause there are just so many things going on there. Second, my boy's little brother came over to Sydney to further his studies in one of the universities here. Third, I went back to Singapore in March 2015 to pick up the skills of nail technician (intending to start up on my own). I was back in Singapore for 7 months and only came back to Sydney in October 2015. It was a good 7 months, I got to catch up with family and friends. Also, went for driving classes while I was there. Pretty proud of what I achieved in terms of the nail tech skills as I passed all my mock tests, school exam and my diploma with distinction. All just in one trial, no retest. I also participated in the school competition and was contented to get second in place for acrylic extensions, Open-student category. I mean, I think it is pretty damn good seeing that I have never know anything about manicures, extensions, nail art etc. It is a very new thing for me (never my habit to get manicures/pedicures done in salons before). So, if any of you ladies in Sydney are looking to have your nails done with or without some Japanese nail art, remember to look for me. My home salon is called Nailxbit and bookings can be made by emailing for bookings or enquiries.

Anyway, moving on, I also cut my hair! I have always had super long hair and I just decided one day that I am so sick of it. So I went to cut it off to slightly shorter than shoulder length. And I LOVE IT. Been having shorter hair since then (as seen in my previous post). 
In between these little adventures of mine, I got to travel to Bali with my parents and grandma in April 2015. I also got to travel with the boy to Hong Kong in July 2015. He came back in June 2015 for one of his best mates wedding. So we attended the wedding, we also attended his sister's graduation from NUS. She was the valedictorian, we were all super proud of her. 

I was also hospitalised after the Hong Kong trip due to an unknown swelling on my left knee. It was painful and I could not walk. So we went to the Mount Alvernia and the doctor had me admitted so as to conduct tests to find out what had went wrong. After much digging, we finally knew what could have caused it and let's just hope it will not affect me ever again for the rest of my life. 

I have posted some images of my trip to Bali in this entry (I still had long hair then) and I will post the photos for the Hong Kong trip shortly too. 

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