Singapore Diary

It is way overdue to be doing a diary on my trip back to Singapore about 5 months ago but I am missing home, friends and food so much so that I am sitting in front of my laptop, looking at the photos and thinking about every moment I had back then. Cannot believe that it had been 5 months since I was united with everyone in Singapore. But then again, 5 months is nothing compared to 3 years of not being back ever since I came to Sydney. I was definitely excited, happy and a little nervous to go back in January. I got to spend time with family, friends and eat lots of local food. This trip was mainly catching up, eating, eating and eating. Not forgetting spending a weekend over at Sentosa with my family visiting the aquarium and breathing in the air of the new Resort World. Singapore had developed so much since I left, truly amazed by what this small country can do. Cannot wait for a next visit trip back, I am hoping that it will be soon.

All visuals taken by iPhone

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